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Silica-based fiber products.

Silica fibers are manufactured by a continuous drawing process from special formulas. This manufacturing process ensures uniform fiber diameters.

Silica fibers are amorphous, without surface porosity nor shot. Typically, the fiber has a diameter of 9 microns, which is not respirable and therefore is not classified as carcinogenic according to Directive 97 / 69EU.

General characteristics of SILFORM products:

Standard SILFORM formulation PHB11ES

  • High refractoriness (melting point> 1500 ° C)
  • Working temperature, 1100° C.

  • Excellent insulation properties, low density and high resistance to thermal shock.
  • Homogeneous structure. Can be easily machined.
  • Excellent resistance to chemical attack of condensates from condensing boilers

  • Because there is no shot (unfiberized parts) there is a minimum percentage of dust compared to products manufactured with conventional fibers.
  • They are not classified according to the European Directives 97/69 / EC and Directive 98/73 / EC.

Special SILFORM formulations:

  • High refractoriness (melting point> 1600 ° C)
  • Working temperature, >1300° C.
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