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Polycrystalline fiber based products.

These fibers contain more than 70% alumina, are manufactured by the sol-gel method. The fibers obtained are of high purity, with uniform diameter distribution and very low-shot. 
Nutec Procal manufactures two types of polycrystalline fibers, mullite fiber (72%Al2O3) and high alumina fiber (97% Al2O3).

They have the following characteristics:

  • High refractoriness.
  • Application temperature up to 1650 ° C.

  • Excellent insulation properties, low density and high resistance to thermal shock.
  • Homogeneous structure. Machinable.
  • Excellent resistance to chemical attack.
  • Since the shot percentage is very low, the products have a very small quantity of dust in comparison to products manufactured with AES and ASW.